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Something Wicked this Way Comes
This is definitely one of my favorite Iced Earth cd's, there isn't a bad song on it. Another thing I like about it is the cover art, I want a poster of it! Watching Over Me is, in my opinion, the best lyrics in an Iced Earth song. It's written about a friend of Jon's who died in a motorcycle accident about ten years ago. This album is also a must have.

1    Burning Times
2    Melancholy (Holy Martyr)
3    Disciples of the Lie
4    Watching Over Me
5    Stand Alone
6    Consequences
7    My Own Savior
8    Reaping Stone
9    1776 (Instrumental)
10  Blessed Are You
Something Wicked (Trilogy):
11  Prophecy
12  Birth of the Wicked    (mp3)
13  The Coming Curse