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This is the temporary cover. There will be a few more things added to it. There is talk that a three disc version of this cd will be available from Century Media, while the two disc version will be sold in stores. The release date for North America has been set at July 27. Here is the track listing for the three cd version:

Disc One:

1    Burning Times
2    Vengeance is Mine
3    Pure Evil
4    My Own Savior
5    Melancholy (Holy Martyr)
6    Dante's Inferno
7    The Hunter
8    Travel in Stygian
9    Slave to the Dark
10    A Question of Heaven

Disc Two:

1    Dark Saga
2    Last Laugh
3    Last December
4    Watching Over Me
5    Angels Holocaust
6    Stormrider
7    Path I Choose
8    I Died For You
9    Prophecy
10    Birth of the Wicked
11    The Coming Curse
12    Iced Earth

Disc Three:

1    Stand Alone
2    Cast in Stone
3    Desert Rain
4    Brainwashed
5    Disciples of the Lie
6    When the Night Falls
7    Diary
8    Blessed Are You
9    Violate