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Mathew BarlowBand pictureThis is page is about my favorite band, Iced Earth. They feature Mathew Barlow (pictured right) on lead vocals, Jon Schaffer (pictured right, below Mathew Barlow) on guitars and back-up vocals, and James MacDonough on bass guitar. Randy Shawver and Brent Smedley tag along for the live shows, playing
Jon Schaffer guitar and drums respectively. The first, and ever sought after, release was the Enter the Realm demo. I'm looking for it, so if you can hook me up with a copy let me know. Some of the songs were redone and released on Days of Purgatory. Their first official release was the self-titled album, Iced Earth. The line-up for this album had Gene Adam on vocals, Dave Abell on bass guitar, and Mike McGill on drums. Their second album, was entitled Night of the Stormrider. It tells the story of a man who is betrayed by his religion and ultimately ends up in hell. Line up changes for this album include the addition of John Greely on vocals, and Richey Secchiari on drums. Burnt Offerings, their third album, introduced the current vocalist, Mathew Barlow to the group. The only other addition is Rodney Beasley on drums. This is definitely one of my favorite Iced Earth albums, with the title track, Last December, and, of course, the over sixteen minute song, Dante's Inferno. The Dark Saga, is based on the comic series, Spawn. My favorite song on this cd is I Died for You. 'The Ripper', originally on the Judas Priest tribute, can be found as a bonus track on some versions of this cd, but I'm not sure where.  The only line-up change on this album was yet another drummer, Mark Prator. Days of Purgatory was the first
Band picturealbum from Iced Earth that I bought. It features songs from Enter the Realm, Iced Earth and Night of the Stormrider, but they are re-sung and on some tracks the guitar, bass and drums are also re-done. If you manage to get the European import, it is a double disc which contains songs from Burnt Offerings, which are remastered and in some cases, different versions, aswell.  I haven't got the double disc ... yet, but my favorite songs on the single disc are Stormrider, Desert Rain, Travel in Stygian, and Iced Earth. Their latest release, Something Wicked this Way Comes, features the line up listed at the top of this page. I think the best songs on this cd are .... ah, I can't really pick one, they're all good. The Japanese version features a live version of Stormrider. The upcoming Iced Earth album will be live, and it was recorded on January 23 and 24th in Athens, Greece. The setlist is below. I haven't been able to see Iced Earth live, so I can't wait for this cd to come out. The release date is set for July 27.

Jon SchafferHere is the setlists for the shows that were recorded for the upcoming live album. It was recorded in Athens, Greece. These may be incorrect, and not all of the songs will make the cd.
On the first show (January 23) they played:
    Pure Evil
    Cast in Stone
    Desert Rain
    Travel in Stygian
    Dante's Inferno
    Iced Earth
    I Died for You
    The Hunter
    Vengeance is Mine
    Slave to the Dark
    Question of Heaven
    Burning Times
    Watching Over Me
    Stand Alone
    My Own Savior
    Blessed Are You

Mathew Barlow with Jon Schaffer in the backgroundThe setlist for the second show (January 24) is:
    Disciples of the Lie
    Watching Over Me
    Blessed are You
    Something Wicked Trilogy
        The Prophecy
        Birth of the Wicked
        The Coming Curse
    Dark Saga
    I Died for You
    Last Laugh
    Last December
    Angels Holocaust / Stormrider
    Pure Evil
    The Path I Choose
    Iced Earth
    When the Night Falls.
I hear the concerts were awesome. The album will be titled "Alive in Athens" and will be released on July 27.

Iced Earth have also recorded an EP. It was limited to two thousand copies, five hundred of which were distributed to radio stations. Each of the 1500 EP's sold to fans were hand numbered (I got #15!!). Unfortunately a lot of people bought multiple copies of the cd and sold them on e-bay for inflated prices. Because of this, Jon has said that Shooting Star and Electric Funeral will be released as bonus tracks on a future release. It featured Iced Earth covering Electric Funeral by Black Sabbath and Shooting Star by Bad Company. Also included is Melancholy, I Died for You, and Watching Over Me. It was originally supposed to have Last in Line by Dio on it, but it was scrapped in favour of the Black Sabbath song.

Most info and pictures appearing on this page was taken from the Official Iced Earth page and the Century Media page, there is a link to it at the bottom of this page. And thanx to Asmodeus for the logo at the top of the page. Check out his page, the banner is at the bottom.

The band and the set
    Enter the Realm (demo)
    Iced Earth
    Night of the Stormrider
    Burnt Offerings
    The Dark Saga
    Days of Purgatory
    Something Wicked This Way Comes
    Melancholy EP
    Alive in Athens
Sound Files (mp3 format)
    Iced Earth
    Burnt Offerings (64 Kbps / 22 kHz)
    Dante's Inferno (64 Kbps / 44 kHz)
    The Hunter (64 Kbps / 44 kHz)
    The Ripper (128 Kbps / 44 kHz)
    Desert Rain (64 Kbps / 44 kHz)
    Watching Over Me (64 Kbps / 44 kHz)
    My Own Savior (live) (Real Audio)
    Birth of the Wicked(64 Kbps / 22 kHz)
        Other Bands I recommend (mp3 format)
        Blind Guardian - Mirror Mirror (64 Kbps / 44 kHz)
        Gamma Ray - Rebellion in Dreamland (64 Kpbs / 44 kHz)
        Helloween - I Want Out (64 Kbps / 44 kHz)
        Paradise Lost - Once Solemn (64 Kbps / 44kHz)
        Rage - XIII (64 Kbps / 44 kHz)
        Savatage - Nothing Going On (64 Kbps / 44kHz)
    Iced Earth - Official Website
    Century Media
    Justin's Heavy Metal Site

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